A new invention by leading Dutch engineer Mr. Henk de Groot (retired CEO of Castrol Oils in the Netherlands) has re-written the “book” on automotive car suspension aids. Stop your vehicle bottoming out in minutes...If you hear a knock when you go over a speed bump, pot holes or a poor road. If your car sinks as you take a bend. You can stop it! If you carry heavy loads, passengers, work tools or tow a caravan you'll need this suspension Kit. Made of a very high grade specially formulated “PVC with a memory of it's own” this new product is far superior to rubber and does not "wear out" This coil spring adjuster controls suspension action, prevents “bottoming”. inhibits body-roll, provides more stability and better handling and most important a safer driving experience. It is ideal for people who want better road-holding with their car or truck or to pull caravans and others towing heavy loads with coil sprung sedans, wagons, vans or utility vehicles and will fit coils from 8 cm to 15 cm outside diameter. The new spring adjuster known as the “STABILITY-PLUS” stability ring, fits into the upper or lower ends of a coil spring. It may be used at either end of a vehicle provided of course the vehicle has coil springs front and rear. The kit is easy to fit - No special tools required. You simply jack the front or the back of the car up and insert our coil spring adjusters by hand. You keep them in all the time. They start to work when you need them. Handling and safety is dramatically improved and our coil spring adjusters have a limited life time warranty.
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