Welcome and thank you for checking out our  Hawaiian Perfumes. This is by far the finest Perfume Collection in the Hawaiian Islands and it includes not only traditional floral fragrances but also our exclusive designer originals: Maui Rain, Kona Rain, Hawaiian Night Mist, Love Me Tender, and Kauai Rain. These are oil based Perfumes, not diluted in SDA (Specially Denatured Alcohol) as are most of the other perfumes in Hawaii. Our Hawaiian Perfumes are available in lovely porcelain bottles, and most customers buy it that way. They are also available in plain glass bottles should you prefer, or just in case you may want only a refill for the porcelain bottle previously purchased from us. When you choose the porcelain bottle, the one eighth ounce and the one quarter ounce sizes are packaged in glass lined porcelain bottles, as seen in over 100 shops and boutiques in Hawaii. The eighth ounce bottle and the quarter ounce bottle look exactly the same on the outside; the difference is in the size of the interior glass sleeve.
The one half ounce and the full ounce sizes are packaged in porcelain bottles with cork tops and bamboo applicators. In this case, the perfume is actually shipped along side in glass and you pour it in to the porcelain after its arrival at your home. I have spent years developing the fragrances and the lovely packaging; no other Hawaiian perfumes can compare. I hope that you will enjoy our products. Kindest Regards and Aloha... Oh.. and please drop by for a visit. We would love to meet you and show you around.
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375 W Kuiaha  #39 ~ Haiku, Maui 96708 Hawaii phone: (808) 575 2100 #1 Rated by the Environmental Working Group Live is great with Hawaiian Classic Perfumes Maui Rain Perfume Bottle Hawaiian handmade lotions Hawaiian Pefume Bath Soaps and Lotions
We are very proud to report that our Maui Surfer Honey Sunscreen is #1 Rated  by the Environmental Working Group click HERE  for the full article.
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