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* Letter send on behalf of HRH Prince Charles the Prince of Wales regarding our product here

* Letter send on behalf of former Vice President Al Gore here *ARCA Research started field testing more than 35 years ago. Hundreds of cars of all makes with gas and diesel engines were tested. A prominent German motor magazine tested a VW Golf; kept the oil in use ten times longer than advised, found less wear as usual when the engine was taken apart and the savings in maintenance costs was tremendous. The Dutch automobile club had 13 patrol cars in the test and they drove up to 350.000 km (more than 200.000 miles) without oil and filter changing. After several TV, radio and press presentations in Holland , several hundred car owners started to use the Oil Saver Chip and ARCA received only positive reactions, such as a diesel car owner and owner of a sea going motor sailer with diesel engine. *One owner reported driving 120.000 km on the same oil and a savings in combination with his diesel motor in his sailing boat (3000 hours) - of 1500 Euros on maintenance and approx. 60L less poisonous "used oil". Hilversum, The Netherlands *Another user reported 250 000 miles without filter changes, just adding new oil when needed, on a Mercedes diesel (more than 400,000 km). *This is a Double winner! Firstly I have freed myself from the grip of the ‘car cartels’ and only change my oil when it needs changing. Secondly, I fee great about doing my bit for the greening of our planet. Mr.PB, Canada * One of our recent customers in South Africa who owns a gold mining company needed, according to the manufacturer, change the oil in his $120,000.00 mining equipment (for one machine, he has 3) every 3 weeks @ 72 liter per machine at a cost of approx. $2,200.00 In 8 weeks his company saved 8 x 528 = $6,600.00 in oil changes and that is for 1 machine. He operates 3 machines which represents a savings of $129,360.00 per year. That is the cost of one machine and he has greatly reduced the evironmental and carbon footprint of his operation.
"The true value of the rainforests to the world community is not understood". HRH Prince Charles