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Our Sales Manager and Artistic Director is Linda Bergstrom.  Linda is from Seattle and moved to Maui in 1989. Her art has been featured in gallery shows, and she has created the artwork seen on 90% of our Quarter Ounce Porcelain Perfume Bottles and on all of our Half Ounce and Full Ounce Porcelain Perfume Bottles. Linda's presence in my business (and in my life) has been an invaluable and irreplaceable asset. We are convinced that you will enjoy our products as much as the thousands of satisfied customers before you.
My name is Dennis Edward Bell. While working as a flight attendant (and flying the West Coast to Honolulu run) in 1980, I created what was then known as "Hawaiiana Perfumes". I found my first wholesale customer in a little alley known as Duke's Lane at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. By the late 80's, my collection was renamed "HAWAIIAN CLASSIC PERFUMES", and was enjoying steady growth year after year.   In 1990, I quit the airline, and relocated to Maui.  In 1991, I created my "tour de force", Maui Rain, which has been a runaway best seller. It is without question Hawaii's Most Lovely Perfume and the most requested by visitors from around the world.
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