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Maui Surfer Honey After Sun Lotion
Maui Surfer Honey After Sun Lotion Our After Sun Lotion is made in Maui with 97% natural ingredients, including 83% organic content. MORE

The virtues of  Coconut oil

After Sun Lotion Ingredients
Most of our Monoi of Maui is made with standard refined Coconut Oil (although in much smaller batches) very much the way that Monoi is made in Tahiti,  and that is not a bad thing— the proof being in its incredibly miraculous effect on skin and hair. That being said, we have found that some of our customers insist upon this special super premium product. Virgin Coconut Oil is refined is a somewhat gentler way— from fresh rather than dried coconut— yielding a softer product, yet more deliciously "coconutty" in fragrance. Made in Maui with: Virgin Organic Coconut Oil infused by enfleurage with Maui Grown plant materials, Essential Oils and/or Plant Absolutes.
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Hawaiian Classic Perfumes Haiku Natural Organic Virgin Monoi Oil-Monoi of Maui

Our Special Haiku Natural Organic Virgin Monoi Oil is an extremely limited edition product and different

versions are available seasonally only.

Maui Naturals Broad Spectrum SPF 30 features Lemongrass Essential Oil and Maui Grown Rosemary Essential Oil— giving it a clean crisp “dry” scent profile.
Maui Naturals Sunscreens and Monoi of Maui 
We now offer two newly reformulated Broad Spectrum Sunscreens: They are human friendly and reef friendly and they contain: No parabens, No oxybenzones, No avobenzones, No retinyl palmitate, No octinoxate,  No homosalate, No octisalate,  No octocrylene, No nano particles.
Maui Natural Organics coconut oil Monoi of Maui
Monoi of Maui
375 W Kuiaha  #39 ~ Haiku, Maui 96708 Hawaii phone: (808) 575 2100
Monoi is the Tahitian word for scented Coconut Oil, a miraculous gift of Mother Nature, used for many hundreds of years by peoples of Polynesia.  When scented with flower petals, Coconut Oil becomes a delightfully fragrant conditioner and moisturizer for both hair and skin. Polynesian women are famous for their smooth lovely skin and rich flowing hair, in spite of living amid the harsh environmental conditions of blazing sun and "salt air".  Monoi oil is the secret: it keeps the skin vital and rich and shows amazing results as a hair conditioner.  It is a wonderful tanning oil— but please use good sense: it is not a sunscreen and it will not protect against overexposure to the sun. The manufacturing process is called "Enfleurage" or "Maceration".  Enfluerage is the ancient and traditional way that essential oils are extracted from flower petals by steeping them in solid fats.  When the petals are soaked in a liquid oil, the process is called Maceration. Our process varies according to ambient temperatures, because Natural Coconut Oil solidifies when the temperature drops below 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Since temperature varies seaonally at our processing facility on the slopes of Haleakala, we use the words Enfleurage and Maceration somewhat interchangeably. We fragrance our natural coconut oil in small concentrated batches of a gallon at a time. These concentrated batches are then added to and blended with larger batches of unscented oil. At the end of all processing, we fill individual bottles and add individual Maui Grown flowers and/or flower petals to each one.  Depending on the flower in question, they may be added fresh, semi dry or dried. If temperatures (below 76 degrees) cause your Monoi Oil to solidify, just place in a sunny windowsill, or soak it in a tub of hot (tap) water. It will re-liquify in a short time. (Don't microwave!)  Please note that Monoi  is not a food product— we developed it for skin care and hair care.  (For cooking and food preperation, we recommend Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which you can find at any Health Food Store.)                                                                                                                             Aloha from Maui!
All our Monoi of Maui oils are a generous 6.4 fl.oz / 188 ml
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Maui Surfer Honey Broad Spectrum SPF 30 features a delicious “Creamsicle” ™  scent profile with notes of Vanilla and Maui Steam Distilled Orange Essential Oil.
Maui Naturals Ingredients
Maui Surfer Honey Ingredients
We created Monoi of Maui to fulfill the need for Natural Skin and Hair care without all the chemicals.   It is truly miraculous in how well it works.  Try it and you will be amazed. Monoi Oil is a traditional preparation of liquid Coconut Oil with flower petals soaked in and then (mostly) removed.  It has been used for a thousand or more years in Polynesia and the South Pacific, originating with the indigenous Maori people on the north Island of New Zealand. There are other Monoi Oils, most notably from Tahiti, made in many floral types.  We make our Monoi right here at Alana Pua Farms in small batches, never more than 55 gallons at a time and most often in 5 to 15 gallon batches. As a skin moisturizer, or tanning conditioner (not a sunscreen), massage in to smooth away dryness and leave your skin revitalized.  For a delightful conditioning of your hair, apply throughout and let it stay for 12-15 minutes before shampooing normally.

Set of Four Monoi of Maui Oils  

This package Contains:  Monoi Pikake Rose, Monoi PuaKeniKeni,  Monoi Maui Tuberose, Monoi Island Gardenia  

Monoi Pikake-Rose

Also, known as Arabian Jasmine and Jasmin Sambac, Pikake is delicate and intoxicatingly fragrant. Maui grown Jasmin and Roses macerated together in Coconut Oil yield a lovely and unique Monoi! The Pikake Flower  was a special favorite of the beautiful and beloved Princess Ka’iulani,  19th century Crown Princess of the Kingdom of Hawaii.
Set of Four Monoi of Maui Oils-Pikake Rose-PauKeniKeni-Maui Tuberose-Island Gardenia Monoi Pikake-Rose

Monoi Island Plumeria

Plumeria is the most popular of lei making flower and it is known for its effusive and heady perfume. These flowers are treasured by the Polynesian Islanders for their durability, fragrances and colors of whites, yellows, pinks, reds, and multiple variegated pastels. Likewise, the fragrance varies from type to type… as will the fragrance of our Monoi Plumeria.
Monoi Island Plumeria

Monoi Island Gardenia

The  most popular fragrance in the original Tahitian Monoi is Tiare, which is  a type of Gardenia.   We make ours in Maui with our own Alana Pua Farms Gardenia Grandiflora.  We are lucky to have a number of Gardenia Plants on our farm, but one is a bona fide “Superstar”, yielding two to three thousand beautiful fragrant flowers per season,  sometimes as many as eighty in a day!
Monoi Island Gardenia from Hawaii

Monoi Tuberose

So far as we know, no one else anywhere makes Monoi Tuberose.  It is a bright white flower with a crisp clean fragrance. After discovering that Alana Pua Farm is a bit too wet for Tuberose, we now source tuberose from our good friends and partners at a Flower Farm in Upcounty Kula. To date, Monoi Tuberose is our most popular.
Monoi of Maui Tuberose

Monoi PuaKeniKeni

Pua means flower.  Pua KeniKeni means “ten cent flower” and that’s what it cost to buy a Lei made with them —a hundred years ago— when offloading from the Matson Line at Honolulu Harbor.  Alana Pua Farm is lucky to have three of these small trees and they have become our new favorite.  It seems lately that they never stop flowering— producing cream colored trumpet shaped blossoms which transform to a golden orange— all the while becoming more and more deliciously fragrant.
Monoi PuaKeniKeni